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Protech Systems Guarding and Automation

Protech currently designs, sells, installs, trains, and is used as consultants for : Light curtains, Press controls, Press Brake controls, & Custom Guarding.
Manufacturer: Protech Systems
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SERIES 12 PRO-TECH-TOR TYPE "B" GATE GUARDS: Specially engineered for simplified user installation and reliable operation on any power press. Features the best of pneumatic and electrical mechanisms with self-checking circuitry on every cycle of operation.

SERIES 16 HAND TOOLS: Magnetic and Vacuum Lifters available in single or double sizes. Lightweight Aluminum Tongs available with various length handles and jaws.

SERIES 19 PULL BACK/HOLD OUT DEVICES: Ruggedly constructed devices attached to the hands of an operator which can prevent injuries on power presses by removing or holding hands out of hazard areas.

SERIES 25 EAGLE EYE INFRARED LIGHT BARRIER: OSHA & ANSI COMPLIANT PRESENCE SENSING DEVICES. Not affected by persons or objects outside of the guarding zone. Requires no calibration; tough construction for the production environment. Standard sizes from 6" to 48" available with or without beam blank-out option.

SERIES 30 CONVERSION PACKAGES: Provides reliable single-stroke operation for any press brake while not adversely impairing productivity. Developed to the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, the system is ready to fulfill your shop's needs safely, efficiently and economically.

SERIES 40 MAGNETIC BACK GAUGE: Allows increased safety, accuracy, and production. No danger to hands while forming small sections. Allows forming of several pieces simultaneously. 

SERIES 42 PROTECH SAFETY BLOCKS: High strength, 35,000 PSI aluminum blocks. When placed in the press bed area renders the ram of the press blocked. Two unique styles with flexibility: Safety Blocks with wedges are stackable; Safety Blocks with adjustable screw are quick and adaptable.

SERIES 46 BRAKE MONITORS: For part-revolution (air clutch) power presses; portable and press mounted units. Interrupts operation of press and displays warning in event of brake overrun and precludes further operation; reset by a keyed switch. Conforms to OSHA 1910.217(b) 14 requirements.

SERIES 66 ROTARY LIMIT SWITCH: For part-revolution presses; provides positional logic of crankshaft through 360 degrees of rotation with two to twelve cam actuated limit switches. Internal brake monitor logic option for use with PROTECH SERIES 46 Brake Monitor.

SERIES 74 FEATHER TOUCH HAND STATION: Designed for areas where repetitive activation of two hand buttons may contribute to fatigue, carpel tunnel or repetitive stress injuries.

SERIES 75 TWO HAND CONTROLS: Designed to interface with the 100-400 Series of press and machinery control panels. The Series 75 complement requirements for self-checking circuitry and control reliability. 

SERIES 78 SAFETY MATS: The Safety Mat can be placed so that if a person stands on the mat, the machine will not commence a cycle. If the machine has started a cycle and a person steps onto the mat, the machine will stop instantly! The Safety Mat is heavy duty, soft molded vinyl construction and is extremely resistant to wear, oils, grease, and most chemicals. Available in variety of sizes. Safety Mats may not qualify as machine guards by themselves, but are easily integrated into other systems.