Back Gauging Systems

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Automec CNC150 Backgauge System

The CNC150 is an economical, simple to use control that incorporates the most popular features used in our 30-plus years experience in the pressbrake backgauging industry
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Automec CNC300 Backgauge System

The CNC300 control can be programmed as simple as our popular CNC150 or it can be programmed to utilize an array of sophisticated functions.
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Automec CNC4000 Backgauge System

The CNC4000 is our PC-based system known for its Windows-like graphical user interface. Anyone familiar with a home computer will find the CNC4000 user friendly and easy to use.
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Automec CNC9x9 Backgauge System

The CNC9x9 backgauge system is a simple-to-use 9 bend, single axis system that was developed as a low cost solution to be used with Automec’s series of backgauges for pressbrakes.
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